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Welcome to Sprent Primary School

Sprent is a small rural community approximately 15 kilometres south of Ulverstone. Farming is the main industry in the area (mostly vegetables and beef cattle). Sprent Primary is a small school, catering for students from Kindergarten to Grade 6. We also have a weekly Launching into Learning Program called Little Sprouts, catering for children from birth to age 4. Students who attend Sprent Primary come from a broad range of areas including Preston, North Motton, Gunns Plains, Nietta, Castra, Kindred and Sprent.

Sprent Primary has a long history. It opened in 1950 and was once a district school catering for students from Kindergarten to Grade 10. It was known as a farm school and later on an environmental centre, housing various farm animals, such as pigs, chooks, ducks, sheep and cows. The establishment offered accommodation and activities for guests (usually school groups) from urban centres. The school property also used to hold big horse and wood chopping events, as well as rural shows, attracting thousands of people from across Tasmania and interstate. The farm, environment centre and accommodation were closed in the late 1980’s.

We currently have two classes, K-2 and 3-6. We are very well staffed for a small school, with two full-time teachers, two part-time support teachers and two full-time teacher assistants. This enables us to have a range of programmes in place, providing a broad range of educational experiences for all students. Some of these programs include: 1:1 and focus groups for Literacy and Numeracy, Speech and Language Program, farming project with turkeys, cows, chooks and vegetable garden, Life Skills (a café where students learn to cook and serve food for staff and students) and a leadership group (Student Council and House Captains). We also have a music program one day a week with a qualified music teacher, giving students the opportunity to learn drums, guitar, keyboard, recorder and vocals.

Our school motto is “Learning and Caring”, which underpins everything we do. We take great pride in both our supportive school environment and our focus on personalised learning for each student. Our school grounds are very well maintained, with lots of play space, grassed areas and gardens.